Bloomberg | New York July '22 - Present
Senior Software Developer [ C++, Library-Development, Metaprogramming ]

  • Developing an embedded analytics engine from scratch for powering inhouse services and query language
  • High performance library written in modern C++ with metaprogramming to ease development of new kernels
  • Replicating functionality and improving the language spec of the previous query language

Bloomberg | London Aug '19 - July '22
Software Developer [ C++, Python, Distributed Systems ]

  • Working with the Ticker Plant team, collecting and processing a high volume of data and providing it to internal clients
  • Migrated automatic Python bindings for the C++ codebase to new infrastructure while preserving the API
  • Innersource contributions @ Bloomberg. Added support for TIME_INTERVAL in the Rust driver for Comdb2

Adobe Systems | Noida May '18 - July '18
Product Intern [ Distributed Systems, Socket Programming, NodeJS ]

  • Created realtime collaborative editing service like Google Docs for graphical documents with support for offline editing
  • Integrated it with an opensource vector graphics app, SVG-Edit

IIIT Hyderabad Aug '18 - July '19
Systems Administrator [ OpenVZ, LDAP, Networks, Email, GSuite ]

  • Aided migration of a subset of users to GSuite which is kept in sync with the institute LDAP. Also helped develop a email backup solution.
  • Responsible for on call, maintenance, and deployment of institute-wide infrastructure and services (LDAP, Squid, Email, lists, NS, etc)

Centre for Visual Information Technology | IIIT Hyd July '17 - July '19
Undergraduate Researcher [ Deep Learning, PyTorch ]

  • Working with Prof CV Jawahar on Document Semantic Structure Extraction to aid blind students to understand lecture content
  • Earlier worked on face recognition and automated analysis of news videos & bias detection

Google Summer of Code | GNOME Apr '16 - Aug '16
Open Source Contributor [ Vala (C#), C, GLib, GTK, Linux Kernel APIs ]

  • Worked On GNOME Games - an emulator app, to add gamepad/game controller support
  • Developed a library for abstracting the Linux Input API and integrated it with GNOME Games

Felicity | IIIT Hyderabad Aug '17 - Aug '18
Systems Administrator [ Docker, NodeJS, Java, PHP, Kong/Nginx, LDAP ]

  • Migrated a monolith PHP app to a services based architecture with dockerized deployment
  • Migrated SSO system and user accounts from CAS+LDAP to Keycloak (OIDC provider)

Paymatrix Aug '16 - Nov '16
Fullstack Developer [ Golang, ReactJS, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS ]

  • Made an API-based backend using Golang and a frontend app in ReactJS consuming this API
  • Extended their app to support paying school fees and added data analytics to their other offerings

Bibox Labs Nov '15 - Jan '16
Frontend Developer [ Javascript, ReactJS, Redux, HTML, CSS ]

  • Developed an educational electronics app where you can select components and connect them using drag-and-drop
  • Arduino code was generated using an intuitive GUI. The board, components and code could be then shipped as a DIY-kit