GSoC 2016: Introduction

Hello everyone, I am participating in Google Summer Of Code 2016 under the GNOME project.

My project is related to an application called GNOME Games. As you can see this app serves as an catalog of games alongside an emulator. My proposal is related to adding support for gamepads/joysticks/controllers to this app. By this I mean the ability to play emulated games using the gamepad.

This proposal has plans for adding support for remappabale controls and multiple gamepads (for multi-player games). This would come with an easy to use UI.

Also other stretch goals include the ability to control the “Games UI” itself using the gamepad as well as making the code reusable so that it can be used as a library. Some other stretch goals involve moving the gamepad configuration UI to control center as well as having gamepad support for the GNOME games pack itself (will start with Nibbles).

Looking forward to having a great summer wherein I will put my full potential into developing this ideas with the aid of my mentor Adrien Plazas. I will regularly post updates here.